Ça Va

Sparkle School (up to 8 guests)

Brush up your bubbles knowledge at our Sparkles School! This experience is perfect for small groups of up to 8 people who crave a deeper education about what’s in their glass. Join one of our...+ More

  • Reservation for 2-8 guests
  • $10 deposit per person + supplements
2 guests
Jul 28, 2017
Sparkle School (up to 8 guests) is not offered on Jul 28 for 2 guests. Try another date or party size.

Ça Va

Kansas City, Missouri

Ça Va: Pronounced "sah vah,” this French expression translates to “it goes,” which can be phrased both as a question and an answer. When asked as a question, it means, "How's it going?" When used as a response to that question, it means, “It’s going well.”

Purveyors of Champagne for the People (#champagneforthepeople), Ça Va is an intimate champagne bar that located in historic Westport. In addition to Kansas City’s most e